“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.”

— Michael Hyatt

Heather Hunter Marketing is a marketing and hospitality consulting firm.

We offer a wide variety of marketing services to help you shine.

To fully cultivate your brand, we first get to know:

  • your business
  • your challenges
  • your competition
  • and you!

Together, we can create a great brand.

We develop a comprehensive and consistent approach to getting your message out. A strong brand identity is key to the success of your business. Establishing your brand and communicating it in a clever, synergistic, systematic and steady manner is paramount.

The World is Changing…

Are you changing with it?

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hhm is an experienced marketing and hospitality consultancy.

Established in 1997, Heather Hunter Marketing is a strategic marketing consulting firm that offers a wide range of creative, high impact and sustainable solutions for all of your marketing challenges. We breathe life into your company story, developing branding that propels your message and forms a distinct image.

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hhm bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Whether you are taking a leap — like market expansion or launching a new business — or just need support to enhance your marketing efforts, we have the expertise to help you go from overwhelmed and inconsistent marketing to focused and effective branding and marketing strategy that works.

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hhm is Heather Hunter’s passion, privilege and personal pursuit.

A third generation entrepreneur with a master’s degree in communications, Heather is fluent in Spanish and a 20+ year veteran in the world of blending strategic marketing with a passion for hospitality and tourism. And for the last 10 years, she has been sharing good + good for you recipes as The Cowgirl Gourmet in Santa Fe.


JoAnn Andera

Director, Texas Folklife Festival

Heather has a creative mind, she is enthusiastic, dependable and has an incredible work ethic. The three years she worked as a consultant were very productive and gave our event an extra boost. She created our entire marketing and media campaign and was tireless in her ability to find resources and to give us the very best of her knowledge.

Rachelle Abelow

Electric Coffee

Heather’s entrepreneurial skills and hospitality experience were invaluable in getting our coffee shop off the ground floor. I am pretty hard headed when it comes to accepting help or ideas from others, however, Heather knew how to offer the right amount of patience and push, so we were comfortable making the changes necessary to put us on the map. I highly recommend her to anyone who is planning on opening a restaurant or anyone who is ready to take their restaurant to the next level.  

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