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If you need creative, high impact and sustainable solutions for all of your marketing challenges, you’ve come to the right place. We breathe life into your company story, develop cohesive branding that propels your message and forms a distinct image with your target markets.

Headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we offer expertise in integrated marketing and brand strategy, strategic planning, marketing and communications planning and implementation, digital and online marketing, public relations, writing and editing, event production, as well as short and long-term project support.

How We Work

We work with businesses that have full in-house marketing departments and those with no marketing department. We can operate as your marketing department, step in during a transition or complement your marketing team. Whether you need a few extra hands or want someone to handle it all, we’ve got you covered.

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As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to be and do everything you need for a start-up. That’s where Heather Hunter Marketing comes in and helps you shine because we love a clean slate with no limitations.

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Small & Medium Companies

Have you hit a wall and need redirecting? Or are you growing so fast, you can’t keep up? Either way, let us dive in to work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan that helps you achieve new levels of success.


Multinational Companies

Global companies have different challenges when developing marketing strategies. There are cultural and political nuances to be considered. We understand these challenges and are here to help.

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Nonprofits, Museums & Art Organizations

The nonprofit world has its own set of inherent challenges and we understand the struggles of standing out in a crowded field vying for people’s donations and attention. We can help you plan the best approach to marketing your organization.

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Science, Environmental & Technology

With a growing client base in this sector, we recognize the important role science, environment and technology have in our daily lives and in our future. For these reasons, we know how to develop messaging that resonates, sticks and drives action.


Hospitality & Tourism

Restaurants and hotels, food companies and resorts — we intimately know the ins and outs of this constantly changing industry and are here to point you in the right direction and ensure your hospitality business soars.

Heather Hunter Marketing

About Heather

Heather is hhm’s eponymous team leader. She is a third generation entrepreneur, holds a master’s degree in communications, is fluent in Spanish and a 20+ year veteran in the world of strategic marketing and communications. As a volunteer, she advocates for real food and farm-to-school initiatives and has been blogging since 2009 as The Cowgirl Gourmet in Santa Fe, where she shares good + good for you recipes and travel tips.

She is a hands-on strategist with every project. In addition to being a savvy marketing and communications consultant, Heather brings a wealth of general business knowledge. She has the ability to see the points of view of many stakeholders. Because of this, she is quick to offer ideas that will streamline operations, improve customer service and other essential aspects of building a company that lasts.

Viva Mexico

Having launched several businesses and assumed one that needed lots of attention, renovation and brand repositioning, Heather understands exactly what it takes to launch a start-up. She knows how to manage 100 employees who speak Spanish and ensure all 30 acres and 30 guest rooms are impeccable. She can also operate three restaurants, orchestrate all special events, create and execute effective marketing strategies to attract new customers and welcome a minimum of 100 new hotel guests a week and more than 300 daily covers in the restaurant.

Heather unexpectedly, but happily, wed her marketing skills with the hospitality world in the late 1990s when her boyfriend, now husband, whisked her off to live in Mexico for a wild and incredible adventure. For many years, they were co-owners and operators of an expansive and stunning hotel, resort and marina in Zihuatanejo. Situated dramatically on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra del Madre Mountains, their hard work attracted high-end (but not high maintenance) guests who deeply appreciated the resort’s unique style, breathtaking architecture and incredible cuisine. The guests returned for the immense amenities, low-key but refined atmosphere and generous and warm hospitality that made everyone feel right at home.

Under the strong rays of the Mexican sun with deep cultural roots, distinctive food and rich traditions, Heather served as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing but her role encompassed so much more. Her title really should have been Chief-of-everything-that-needed-to-be-done-to-create-indelible-memories-and-culinary-experiences-for-the-ever-revolving-roster-of-important-international-guests. Over the years as a hotelier and restaurateur, Heather was bequeathed the generous gift of hospitality by some of Mexico’s most charming and affable characters and still revels in the luck of this life-changing experience.

Marketing Strategy Success

It seems these two roads of marketing and hospitality were meant to collide in Heather’s life, as they go together like peanut butter and jelly. After selling the hotel, Heather returned to the United States where she consults with startups, small and medium-sized businesses, multinational companies, nonprofits, art organizations and museums, and science, environmental and technology companies to expand and enhance their marketing programs, build brand awareness, launch new products and new locations and, ultimately, drive sales.

Today, Heather and her team work with countless companies, start-ups and organizations to establish focused and synergistic marketing initiatives that put them on the road to success.

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